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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dragon City Generator 2.0 (Gold,Food,Gems)

Dragon City is a game on Facebook where the main objective of it isBreeding, raising, Training, and selling for Gold exotic Dragons, the only thing that sets this apart from other games is the fact that this game does not use 'energy' points that most facebook games use, which take time, certain items, and/or money. Another rather nice feature in the game are Gems. While you can buy them, the game makes it fairly easy to more for free through a variety of methods listed below. If your new to the game, or lost, start with the basics as this is the suggested and recommended page to visit is Basics to get started, or to find your way again.


(click for see more big and with more quality)


1. Gold Generator
2. Food Generator
3. Gems Generator

1. Login in game
2. Launch Hack
3. Choose value (Gold,Food,Gems)
4. Choose browser
5. Enter your FB email
6. Click "Generate"

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ButtonMasherz! said...

Works like all hacks i download here,Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

cant believe i got my gems YEAH

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hacks it works

Anonymous said...

love this hack and the page
greetings from brazil

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