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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CoasterVille Cash Generator v3.1

In CoasterVille, you get to refurbish an old amusement park and turn it into a world-class destination. Build rides and attractions to bring tourists into the park, add stores for the guests to shop in, generate income so you can create even bigger and better attractions, which will bring in more guests to be impressed with your park design skills. CoasterVille takes the joy of theme park attractions and combines it with adventurous lands, quirky characters, and new social features to bring players a magical world with endless amusement

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1. Coins Generator
2. Anti Ban Tool

1. Login in game
2. Launch Hack
3. Choose value (Cash)
4. Choose browser
5. Enter your FB email
6. Click "Generate"

7. Enjoy your game

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Rober Marcus said...

Good hack! works 100% and 0 problems.

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